A weeks-long campaign of harassment and theats, egged on by sitting politicians, has failed to stop me from writing this piece, and the next one, and the one after that.
Are we fed news that our government dictates?Listen now (25 min) | While misleading stories on Nobel Prize trend on Twitter, real stories continue to be ignored.
Aastha D and Rana Ayyub
Why criticise the Modi government abroad when you have all the democracy at home ?Listen now (16 min) | On a day when a young journalist, Sanjay Rana has been arrested for questioning a local legislator on lack of development.
As world leaders converge for the G20 summit, anti-Muslim hate rallies and episodes of lynchings, presents a scary distortion of Modi's India.
The Tax survey on the BBC in India is a clear message to ‘Fall in Line’Listen now (11 min) | The message from the Modi government in the G20 year is loud and clear - If we can do this to the BBC, we can go after anyone who…
Can the success of Pathaan be termed as India’s response to the culture of hate ? Listen now (13 min) | While the blockbuster film is seen as a mass entertainer that saw the country flock to the theatres-many have called it a…
Gautam Adani, the BBC documentary and the Indian mediaListen now (14 min) | With critical allegations labeled as ‘international conspiracy’, the truth has ended up being the casualty in a country where the…
A new documentary by BBC 2 has reignited many uncomfortable truths about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's past and the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom
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